WordPress now powers one third of all websites on the internet. That is about 75 million websites.

A 2019 report by W3Techs found that one third of all the websites on the internet are built with WordPress – and this share has increased considerably in recent years. At New York Software, we specialize in WordPress design and development. If you have an existing WordPress site that you are looking to make changes to, or if you are looking to build a new WordPress site from the ground up, we would love to talk to you about your needs and goals.

As consultants, we have an extensive knowledge of WordPress themes, plugins and best practices. As developers, we are familiar with WordPress architecture and “the WordPress way of doing things” and there is little we cannot do when it comes to customizing your WordPress site and achieving the exact look, feel and functionality you want.

The first step in implementing a website or web application is as follows. You call us, you describe your project and what you need done, and we will give you a quote by phone. This kind of conversation usually takes ten to fifteen minutes.