Website Maintenance

We can make updates to your existing website or web application.

Like every other complex system humans build, websites sometimes demand maintenance.

Our extensive knowledge of server stacks –from operating systems to web servers to databases- and of the languages websites are build in –from HTML to JavaScript to PHP to Python- enables us to make changes and fixes to existing websites.

We like it when a client only needs simple changes like adding new textual or image content to a webpage, but we are ready for challenges like changing the structure of a database, changing business logic or even migrating the website to a new server.

As developers, if somebody else built it, we can usually make any changes you wish. If you need changes to an existing website, we would love to take a look under the hood.

The first step in making changes to an existing website is as follows. You call us, you describe your project and what you need done, and we will give you a quote by phone. This kind of conversation usually takes ten to fifteen minutes.