Web Application Development

Web applications powered by one central database are available on any device with a web browser, and all of the data is synchronized.

Web applications can run inside a mobile app that serves as a “web browser container,” allowing them to be downloaded from the app store and behave the same as a native app.

What makes a web application different from a website? A web application is characterized by use of a database to store data, more complex business logic than is found in the average website, and typically user identification by login.

What makes a web application similar to a website? Both run in a web browser and both are typically written in many of the same programming languages.

At New York Software, we build custom web applications to client specification. We do frontend development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and we do backend development in an array of languages including PHP, Python and JavaScript. In general, those clients who elect to use a free, open source database use MySQL and those who elect to use a proprietary database use Microsoft Access.

The first step in implementing a web application is as follows. You call us, you describe your project and what you need done, and we will give you a quote by phone. This kind of conversation usually takes ten to fifteen minutes.