A Word from Our Founder

Hi, I’m Ethan Axelrod. I started my own software consulting firm in 2015 and since that time we have delivered more than 40 projects for clients.

I believe in the power of off-the-shelf products and technologies to decrease the cost and development time of your project, and I believe knowledge of these products and technologies is most useful to you in the design phase of your project.

For this reason, I consider the consulting aspect of my work to be as important as the development aspect. Our knowledge of existing solutions enables us to create the maximum value for the time we spend working on your project.

I believe that software development is a collaborative process and I want to work closely with clients to create the website or web application they envision.

Finally, I believe that software should be written in line with industry best practices so that it is portable across software developers and can be maintained forever. Nobody should be replacing a website after less than ten years.

I founded New York Software because I believe in these things. I hope you will join me.